Hi! I’m Timothy Merritt.

I’m a software developer with a background in design, music, and critical analysis. I’m especially passionate about creating for the web, where I put my multidisciplinary skills to bear from concept to deployment. I enjoy making style guides, designing mock- ups, developing and creating websites and web apps, and employing DevOps best practices in CI/CD workflows. You can see some of my work here, or view my resume.

I’m currently proficient in: HTML, CSS, SASS, JS (ES6+), React (with Hooks, state, etc.), git, Bash, Webpack, NPM, ESLint, Prettier, Figma, InDesign, and Photoshop, and I’m always learning more technologies and methods to improve my practices. I’m a seasoned team leader, trainer, mentor, and collaborator, and I'm currently looking for new development roles and freelance opportunities.

If you’re interested is speaking with me please feel free to send a message through my Contact page, or connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.