Rational Design

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Rational Design website screenshot

Rational Design is a tool for generating type-scales for use in design systems or web design projects. It’s built with React Hooks, SCSS, Webpack, and npm scripts, and is fully responsive.

Resolute Apparel

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Resolute Apparel website screenshot

Resolute Apparel is a mock e-commerce site built with React, React-Router, Redux, SCSS, Firebase, and Stripe. It is a fully featured e-commerce application, with persistent state, user authentication, and payment servicing.


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Splate project screenshot

Splate is an SCSS boilerplate (S+plate) for use in styling frontend web development projects. It’s based on the 7-1 SCSS format. Splate keeps your styles neat and tidy, and provides leeway for adding your own custom rules, with easy compiling and documentation creation with SassDoc.

Color Chooser

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Color Chooser screenshot

Color Chooser is a React app that randomly generates a color swatch from the user's clicks, with the ability to copy to the clipboard.

Hank Math

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screenshot of the 'hank math' quiz game

Hank Math! is a simple quiz game I built for my son to practice his math skills. The program is written in Python, randomly creates addition/subtraction problems, keeps score, and records results in a separate file after each playthrough.