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Hi! I'm Tim

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I’m a multidisciplinarian passionate about making, exploring, and experimenting in a variety of creative fields.

Primarily, I'm a self-taught developer transitioning careers into tech after falling in love with code, but I'm also a designer and graphic artist, a writer, and a musician.

Examples of my work can be seen on the work page (more being added soon), the social media links above, and my resume. You can also keep up with what I'm doing by checking out my blog. Thanks for stopping by!


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Rational Design

A tool for creating ratio-based style systems built in React.

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Resolute Apparel

A full-stack e-commerce site built from React, Redux, SCSS, Firebase, and Stripe.

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My personal (.)dotfiles and configurations for various programs and environments.


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Keeping Git Commit Messages Consistent with a Custom Template

Create your own template to easily guide your commit messages.

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What I Learned From 100 Days of Code

Some of what I learned after completing my first #100DaysOfCode challenge.

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Adding CI/CD to Your Projects with GitHub Actions

Speed up and streamline your workflow with automation and code checks.