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Hello! I’m Tim, a passionate multidisciplinarian who loves building things with code.

I fell down the programming rabbit hole years ago after customizing a Linux environment and falling in love with dotfiles and shell scripting. From there I learned Python, and built a math quiz game for my son to practice his addition and subtraction skills. Building something useful and seeing how much he enjoyed using it made me want to go further and learn even more.

I love interacting with the shell, but I’ve also always had a great affinity for design and UX (ask me to rant about TV interfaces sometime). I’ve done work as a freelance graphic designer in the past, and paired with my interest in coding, I inevitably gravitated towards web development to use all my skills in the same place.

I was hooked. I had dabbled with HTML and CSS as a kid during the clunkier days of the Web, but discovering what was possible with styling preprocessors like SASS, modern JavaScript and libraries/frameworks like React, Gatsby, Next, etc., and the ever-emerging range of development tooling for CI/CD, I had found a specialty that touched on many of my passions.

In the years since, I’ve been focused on continually learning all I can. Currently I'm a developer at y'all. You can see some of my personal projects here, and if you’re interested in contacting me, get in touch with the form below.

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A Next.js developer starter + boilerplate

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